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Our day-care facility allows dogs to play freely with eachother under close supervision from our staff. The dogs can choose whether to play indoors in the large play unit, outdoors in our large enclosed yard, or relax on beds and sofas in the chill out room and watch their favourite programs. Your dogs will have a full day on fun and will return home tired and ready for a calm evening with you.



8am-5.30pm - £13 

Half Days - £10

Two Dog Discount Available.


Cotton's Creche will guide and train your dog to behave well around other dogs. Socialising with others will improve any behaviour issues that often occur due to a lack of mental and physical stimulation, for example, excessive barking, chewing and digging.

The day-care allows for guilt free dog ownership as the owners can rest assured their dog is having the best quality of life.


At the end of each day every dog will bring home a report card with reward sticker to tell you what they have been doing and how they are getting on in the group. This lets you know exactly how your dog has been while you've been away. We also post pictures to our social media pages so you can follow your dogs activities throughout the day.

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