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Cotton’s Crèche is a day-care facility for dogs that keeps them entertained, busy and cared for throughout the day. We aim to serve busy dog-parents who have other commitments, errands to run or simply need somewhere for their dog to go while they are at work.


Dog day-care differs significantly from day boarding, where dogs are kept in separate kennels throughout the day and walked individually. Our facilities allow dogs to play together off their leads. This encourages the dogs to learn how to play with other dogs, increasing their social skills and allowing safer and hapier beach trips and confidence in them off lead.

The dogs will use a great deal of energy throughout the day playing with their friends and interacting with staff and taking part in activities.  This will help them be well rested and placid in the evenings, matching their parent’s energy levels after a day at work.


Our dog day-care will improve any behaviour issues that often occur due to a lack of mental and physical stimulation, for example excessive barking, chewing and digging. Our day-care allows for guilt free dog parenthood as you can rest assured your dog is having the best quality of life.


We have lots of room inside and out for your dog to play and exercise whatever the weather.

Our relax room allows tired or less active dogs to sit, nap and chill with their pals.


Dogs can enrol with us once they are 6 months old. Male dogs must be neutered and all dogs must be up to date with all relevent vaccinations including the kennel cough vaccine.


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Terms and Conditions

  1. Minimum ages and vaccinations – We accepts puppies from 6 months of age into our daycare facility. All dogs must be fully vaccinated including the kennel cough vaccine to take part. This is for your own dog’s health and safety. These will be marked on your dog vaccination cards as DHPPi, Lepto 2/4, and KC. Some vaccination codes vary so please ask your vet if your vaccination stickers differ.
  2. Neutering – Sadly we can not accept male dogs into our daycare unless they have been neutered. We also cannot accept bitches in season, we will require previous season dates to monitor future seasons.
  3. Health concerns – Cotton's Creche aim to provide a safe and secure daycare for your pet. If your pet is suffering from any ailment the onus is on you to let us know ASAP. If you dog requires a special diet or medication while with us at daycare that is no problem. You must advise us in advance of any diet related issues your dog may have.
  4. Leads – All dogs must be kept on leads up to the check-in counter. When in daycare harness and leads will be removed and stored safely until you pick your dog up from us.
  5. We reserve the right to act in the best interests of the dog at all times this includes seeking veterinary advice if he/she becomes ill. We will contact you immediately should your dog become ill. Unless your vet is local we will attend our nominated vet. We reserve the right to seek appropriate veterinary treatment regardless of costs. All veterinary costs must be covered by you. Please do not bring your dog to daycare if they are injured or unwell.
  6. All dogs are accepted at their owners’ risk. While every possible care and attention is given to your dog, Cotton's Creche cannot be held responsible for any injury or illness arising from their time in day care. Any vet fees incurred during the dogs stay will be covered by you the owner. We strongly advise that all dogs be covered by pet insurance.
  7. Arrival/collection – only persons nominated in your assessment may collect or drop you dog into daycare unless previously arranged.
  8. Day care cancellations and late pick ups – all day care dates must be booked in advance. Cancellations should be made if necessary by 5.30 pm the day before. Cotton's Creche reserve the right to charge customers a full day rate if cancelled without sufficient notice. The close off point for picking your dog up from daycare is 5.30pm. We would ask that if you should be running late that you contact us ASAP. Repeat offenders will be charged an additional payment.
  9. Remember day care is not for every dog. If your dog is not a social canine then maybe day care is not for them please speak to a member of our team should you have any concerns prior to booking your assessment. It is important that all our visiting dogs enjoy their time at Cotton's Creche.

Any enquiries or specific needs for your dog. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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