Cottons Creche
Cottons Creche

Our team

At Cotton's Creche we are a team of competent, committed and absolutely crazy dog lovers.

Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Annie Thomas

Pack Leader


Specialist areas

Talking too much, wrestling with Jack Russels, dog telepathy, bark analysis, stone smuggling confiscator, misunderstanding maths, teeth inspecting and telling dogs how cute they are.




Derri Thomas

Project Momager


Specialist areas

Fixing everything (physically and mentally), design chief, common sense monitor, project manager, stone turner overer, team builder and mentor.




Jess Gravell

Chief Wag Inspector


Speciality areas

Teaching dogs to read, teasing terriers, loving labradors, inspecting wags, teaching science, being too efficient, making amazing drinks, outplaying the dogs until they are too tired to play!


Jorden Clarke

Barketing Executive


Speciality areas

Leading the spaniel pack, fluff collecting, fancy dress coordinating, giggle professional, cockerpoo mentor, sing and dance teacher, teaching dogs High School Musical lyrics!


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